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a basic visual code editor: insert dom object via keyboard

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After reading [](), I found it interesting to develop the idea given the fundamentals developped in the Calligraphy prototype. Ideally packaged as a single line script, this should let edit/create/delete any div element on the page; and export them somehow. The main idea is to create a set of elements within elements (sort of russian-dolls, reminiscent somehow to the cms i had developed for the early days of kitsuné). The user would have the ability to control these elements, somehow (at the moment: make the block's content editable, insert new element, if the element already a child, use flex style, and control if we use row or column). A simple tool to write and automate html code.

All this happening via keyboard:

nb: mouse can also be used to point and click the active element

Possible development to explore:

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Author: Jerome Rigaud