Creative Coding: Visual Experiments & Information Pipeline

an ongoing coding and research seminar

This is a very quickly put-together archive for the Creative Coding courses I built over the years at ALBA Ecole des Beaux Arts de Beyrouth. It also includes more recent experiments with tools: making images, self-generating, etc.

Creative coding and visual experiments

Github repository for this website:; there you can access the tools to build this static website from a bunch of repositories, markdown files and images.

This website/repository/archive is itself an experiment. It is an ongoing research seminar. It concatenates a few projects and experiments available otherwise as GitHub repositories.

Context: what this website is

The topics and subjects we started to explore and some I would like to investigate more in the future:

Website content

The website has two main parts for now:

Website notes: deploying

Website building

It's using some deployment tools:

Website hosting

For now, it's using Github hosted pages to serve the ./docs content. This content is parsed/generated by the build command above

Repository for this website (assemble, build, deploy):
Main website:
Author: Jerome Rigaud